"Welcome to Mitsumi Technical Industry's Home Page"

To be distinctive as our motto, we have been in development of powder handling equipments, and environment related products and facilities for over 35 years.

Since founded in 1974,

our primary business has been in powder handling equipments and related plants. Our HQ is located in Nagareyama-shi, Technical Center is in Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-pref. We deliver one of a kind, unique and sanitary products such as our choke valve to our clients in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

"Prosperity with Distinctive Technology"

is our motto. We create unique and sanitary products like no other; we are committed to provision of one-of-a-kind product for the prosperity of chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Greeting by the Representative

Our products have been widely employed in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries of Japan.
We now wish to extend our products into the international market.

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