The choke valve ties the outer circumference of the sleeve with a rope, and the opening and closing operation is a unique mechanism, and excellent operability and reliability as a granular control valve.

Manual Type

Automatic Type

Automatic Valve with Positioner

The sleeve valve setting and removal



Lineup and Specification

Size 80A~600A
Drive Manual, Pneumatic pressure
Material (body) Aluminum, Plated aluminum, Stainless steel, Polypropylene
Material (sleeve) Various coated cloths
(polyester, nylon, pyrene, polyethylene, PTFE, synthetic rubber, and others)

Special Products

Ferrule Connection Model
Compatible with clamp removal. Adopted in many moving containers for easy removal.

Polypropylene Housing Model
Supports bolt flange and ferrule connection (Lightweight, for solvent)

Iris Valve for flexible container discharge (Thin type)
A thin valve that is attached to the flexible container outlet and controls the flow of powder.