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Flexible Joint

Polypropylene ring is attached on both end of the flexi-sleeve and inlayed in specially carved gutter of the flange for easy one step desorption.

Lineup and Specification


100A ~ 300A


Standard: JIS 5K, IDF ferrule

Material: SUS, Aluminum, PP

Sleeve Material

  1. TT-22 (polyester cloths, silicon coating, 0.22t)
  2. ETT-22 (antistatic finish polyester cloths, 0.22t)
  3. ETT-90 (antistatic finish polyester cloths 0.9t)
  4. NA-32 (nylon cloths, acrylic resin coating 0.32t)
  5. NT-50 (nylon cloths, silicon coating 0.51t)
  6. NU-100 (nylong cloths, urethane coating 1.0t)
  7. MSF silicon sheet (fiber compound silicon sheet 0.5t)

Additionally, PTFE cloths, heat-resisting nylon, polyethylene, and rubber composite etc are available.
1, 2, 3 and 7 are in compliance with food sanitary law.