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Nip S-Type Valve

A simple powder valve in which polypropylene is pinched with grip nipper. Semi-transparent and easy to monitor movement of the content, lightweight and simple to setup as a powder stop valve featuring high sealing.

ニップS型バルブ グリップニッパー

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Nip S-Type Valve
  • Compact and light weight (1/10 of metal valve)
  • Easy to monitor the movement of contents due to the sleeve being semitransparent
  • Minimum powder residue due to having no obstacles on the flow surface
  • Polypropylene is highly safe and widely used in food and medical plants
  • Less expensive than a metal valve


  • Inlet and outlet nozzle of a powder and bulk solids equipment
  • Powder inlet and outlet nozzle of a hopper, bin, and container
  • Dust collector exhaust

Lineup and Specification

Size 150A ~ 300A 150⟨ ~ 300⟨
Drive Manual, Automatic (Pneumatic pressure)
Material (body frame) Stainless steel
Material (sleeve) Polyethylene