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Choke Pinch Valve

A pinch valve for powder and bulk solids in which an elbow tube is turned to the opposite side with a semicircular system (turning method) and pinched tightly for high sealing. Highly effective exhaust double damper under both positive and negative pressure.



  • Compact and light weight
  • Smooth flow of the powder with volume variation of the elbow tube
  • Self cleaning function of adhered powder with variable tube shape
  • Various materials available for the elbow tube


  • Ideal for the bottom of cyclone, duct collector, mixer, crusher, or equipment causing pressure variation

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Lineup and Specification

Size100A ~ 300A
DrivePneumatic pressure
Material (body)Stainless steel
Material (sleeve)Various coated cloths
(polyester, nylon, pyrene, polyethylene, PTFE, synthetic rubber, and others)