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Product: Choke Diverter Valve

Rotating part of the semicircular frame and diverging sleeve are synchronized to switch the flow of powder in a diverter valve.

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Automatic Model

Mannual Model


  • Minimize inner adherence with self cleaning function of the diverging sleeve made of cloth
  • Minimize deposition of powder build-up with having no moving part on the flow surface
  • Various materials available on the body, flange, and sleeve
  • Compatible with sanitary and fine chemical application


  • Powder diverting from a hopper, bin, container, equipment.

Lineup and Specification

Size100A ~ 300A
DriveManual, Pneumatic pressure
Material (body)Aluminum, UF plated aluminum, Stainless steel
Material (sleeve)Various coated cloths
(polyester, nylon, pyrene, polyethylene, PTFE, synthetic rubber, and others)